If Laughter Caused Labor …

Seriously, if laughter caused labor I would have gone in to it by now. When I saw this video, I was in that “ugly” laugh where I couldn’t catch my breath and was wheezing. Where I was crying so much it looked like I had splashed my face with water. It reminded me of so many times we used to sit with my grandmother and get tickled about the silliest things and she would just laugh uncontrollably.

All that to say, you may not find this nearly as funny, but I have to share it. Periodically Josh’s managers at work pull security camera footage for the store and catch employees in all kinds of ridiculous acts. Just since Josh has been there I know there’s been piggy back races, someone busting their behind, all kinds of shenanigans. His manager e-mailed him this earlier in the week:

They are going to have blackmail on him for a while now. Apparently there is a guy who’s a great dancer who was trying to teach Josh some moves. Think it worked?


5 Responses to “If Laughter Caused Labor …”

  1. Eric Says:

    lolol. despite the epic dance moves, the guy in the background just wavin his hands is pwnage. this is one of those videos that gets funnier each time you watch it.

  2. Dylan's Nana Says:

    Other than looking EXACTLY like his dad, this gives him a strong resemblance to Bill Cosby and the way he used to dance at the beginning of The Cosby Show…I’m thinking another couple of lessons may be in order.

  3. Nicole Says:

    Did Nick teach those moves? Hysterical!

  4. anna Says:

    YES! I totally forgot about that connection.

  5. Callie Says:

    He is ready for So You Think You Can Dance!!!!

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