I fell off the wagon again. Don’t worry, it will happen again. But I’m back with an update or two!

First of all, the belly …

30 Weeks

And the Belly at 31 Weeks …

The last picture was taken on the way to my first baby shower! I thought I had more pictures, but apparently we only took one with my camera. Were waiting for more from Aunt Kristen, ahem, ahem. Just kidding. No, but really.

These are the “Foster Women.” We are a rare bunch! Seeing this picture just makes me so happy. It makes me celebrate how different and unique we all are, but that bond that ties us all together. Callie, on the far left, is my cousin. She used to be considered the “tree hugger” of the bunch, but I think Josh and I give her a run for her money now! She gave birth to Izzy last October. I am only one week behind where she was last year in her pregnancy. She has been a wealth of knowledge, as well as a wealth of hand-me-downs. I have inherited her maternity clothes, outgrown diapers, and tons of other stuff. If you don’t read Izzy’s blog, you should!

Then, my Aunt Judy is next to her (Callie’s mom). She is actually my Great Aunt, so my mom’s Aunt and grandfather’s sister. She keeps us all in style and with the times, just check her new hair cut! She has also kept the banana pudding tradition of the Fosters rolling. Then of course the fat girl in the middle and Dylan’s beautiful Nana.

Nana is the baby tamer and “fuss maker” of the family. She makes us all feel special when it’s our time to shine. Then Aunt Cami (Nana’s Sister) is the chief homemade ice cream maker and general glue that holds us together. She’s the first to plan a get-together when it’s been a while. And my cousins (Cami’s daughters) Emmie and Ellie in the front.

I still remember when they were born. Wow. They, of course, will keep us hip and not let us get lost in Mommy and Daddy land. I’m sure they’ll also be responsible for lots of ice cream and general naughtiness that Dylan gets in to and that’s okay with me!

Last but not least, Josh’s wonderful mother worked long and hard on Dylan’s bedding and she surprised me with it yesterday! I don’t have the right lens on my camera right now and am frankly too lazy to change it out, but here’s a close-up of our crib skirt, with the curtain hanging over the crib. Yay!


2 Responses to “UPDATE!”

  1. Aunt Kristen Says:

    Well isn’t that a big fat call out on your blog. 😛 Sorry I’m slacking and haven’t uploaded my pictures from the shower. Promise to do that and you will have them by Monday night.

    I love the description of the ladies in your family. But especially Dylan’s Nana. She does have a way of making everyone feel special when it is their time.

    Love you and had so much fun at your shower and getting to celebrate with you. Can’t wait to do it again on the 7th. Tell Dylan I love him too now that he can hear distinct sounds and not just vibrations! 🙂

  2. Grammy Karen Says:

    I love the picture of the Foster women but I must have missed the fat girl in the middle… all I saw was a glowing beautiful pregnant woman!!!

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