Dream On …

I always read about how pregnant women have these really gnarly dreams. Lots of them are really realistic and scary. I really don’t dream at all, so that fact that I usually have one a night or so that I remember shows the validity of the pregnancy dream tales. Last night, my dream starred:

That’s right. John McCain and Michelle Obama. Together in the same dream.

Josh and I won some contest and they both spent the night with us. Senator McCain got here first and we were actually happy to see him (weird). His Secret Service men were dressed as superheros and were sword-fighting in our back yard. It was quote comical. Then Michelle arrived, and I was starstruck. I was running around like a madwoman and trying to make sure she was comfortable – adjusting the temperature, pouring her a glass of wine, getting her a rocking chair! We don’t even own rocking chairs.

I also kept referring to her as the First Lady. I just love her!

Crazy, crazy hormones.


2 Responses to “Dream On …”

  1. Dylan's Nana Says:

    Oh, my! I think you may need to speak to your doctor about this!!! Superheros sword fighting in the back yard…Yep – I’d call the doctor!!! ALTHOUGH, this COULD mean that this is, indeed, pregnancy induced and that you’re getting a glimpse into Dylan’s imagination – just like his Daddy!!

  2. Leslie Says:

    dude…totally had a dream that obama told me first that he was president and that he told everyone that we were best friends. Then 10 minutes later his limo pulled over under this freeway thing and he acted like he didnt know me and got out and was like cussing like crazy and chain smoking. It hurt my feelings…

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