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Sweet Smells of Morning

June 22, 2008

Our friends Joshua and Laura are staying with us for a few weeks. They are originally from Alabama and Kansas City respectively, but have been living in Geneva, Switzerland for the past 5 or so years. They are moving to Atlanta! Instead of looking for an apartment halfway across the world, they decided to stay with us for a few weeks.

The past two mornings we have woken up to the most amazing aromas. Keep in mind that their body clocks are telling them it’s 6 hours later than it actually is, so they have been waking up around 6 or 7 in the morning. Saturday the whole house smelled of coffee. It was soooo wonderful.

This morning, to top that, we awoke to HOMEMADE cinnamon rolls. Laura is a Betty Crocker in her own right. Apparently they had our breadmaker in their bedroom with towels under the door so as not to wake us. So we had no idea we would awake to this …


Name Change

June 18, 2008

So, I have been reluctant to blog about this. Although, I hear some people already heard via a mass e-mail (ahem, ahem) we are changing the baby’s name. We have always joked about how we are really glad we like our dog’s name because we yell it ALL DAY EVERY DAY.

When Josh and I first started dating he declared that one day his son would be named Jacob Dylan. In many ways I knew that by accepting a proposal from him meant this would be my son’s name! So, naturally we came out of the gate calling our son Jacob Dylan.

After a few weeks of calling the baby’s name a lot, we decided it wasn’t what we were going for. So for weeks we have been trying to agree on something again. I have been trying to masculinize my grandmother’s name and was shooting for a middle name of Galen, after Gail, but Josh wouldn’t have it. And I completely understand now that we both have a name we love. He was pushing for Manu, a name that means wisdom. He also campaigned for Maximus and Hendrix.

I went and got a baby name book. What was I thinking? Those things just confused us more!

But, we have settled! His name will be Dylan Cash Brown. We knew we wanted it to have to do with our love for music. Bob Dylan is one of Josh’s all time favorites, and we listen to him a lot at night. And who doesn’t love Johnny Cash. I will never forget driving to Athens one morning for class and hearing the Hurt cover for the first time. I literally almost had to pull my car over to the side of the road I was weeping so hard. It was so moving. And Josh and I have made Johnny a staple in our lives.

So there you have it, Dylan Cash Brown. Although, we still have the right to change it until it is on his birth announcement. No monograms, please. 😉

Catching Up

June 17, 2008

Here are my most recent Belly Pictures …

20 weeks:

21 weeks: (I really didn’t feel like taking off my dress)

We had our 20 week Ultrasound on Wednesday and it went wonderfully! I will post those pictures whenever I actually get around to scanning them in! We counted all of the baby’s toes and fingers, saw his kidneys and fully-developed brain and heart.

Don’t read this paragraph if you have a weak stomach, but we also learned that I have an “anterior placenta.” That means that the placenta is in between me and the baby, so that’s why I haven’t felt him move very much yet. I was getting really worried and trying not to freak myself out, but it seemed that a lot of my friends were feeling their babies do acrobatics by now! I was very releived.

Apparently, also, my doctor has started doing interior ultrasounds at the 20 week appointment along with regular ones. This really wasn’t a huge deal since I had already been there, done that, but it was completely unexpected. After talking with a friend that goes to the same practice but didn’t have that happen, we are not sure if that is becoming common practice or if they took extra precaution with me being so premature. They do it to measure the cervix. Just a word of warning to all the mom’s to be coming behind me.

I promise more updates this week. I am going to log some right now!


June 5, 2008

So, my mom and I pass back and forth different “week-by-week” pregnancy e-mails. I get the ones from WebMD and she gets the ones from Baby Center, so we share them with each other when they come along each week. This week mine didn’t say anything particularly exciting, but mom’s had this picture. It just made me hurt for little bit. No wonder babies like to be swaddled!

Belly, Week #19

June 2, 2008

It’s Sunday, so it’s belly picture time. I am really starting to feel like a whale, but I know the best part has not even begun, yet. My belly button is really, really looking weird in my clothes. Is now the time to go to maternity shirts?

Settling Back In

June 1, 2008

We just got back in from out of town and are trying to get things in order for the crazy week ahead. Josh made a magnificent dinner of chicken fajitas, complete with my oh-so-favorite homemade tortillas from Whole Foods. Now Josh and Jack are playing on the floor. Jacob and I are relaxing on our new sofa!

Just a few pics from the weekend … many more to come in the next few days …

This book was my best friend this weekend. I am LOVING it. Thank God for the library. I left the other day intending to check out one book. One prenatal yoga DVD and 5 pregnancy books later I emerged. I am SO glad I took this one, though!