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Belly – 18 Weeks

May 30, 2008

This picture was taken on time, just not posted on time! We are going on a trip this weekend with our neighbors, though, so expect a lot of pictures when we return. I also have to take pictures of the gazillion adorable outfits my Mother In Law bought, and our first official purchase, the stroller!

I think I’m still just looking like I’ve put on weight with my clothes on. Josh and I are amazed at the difference in my body, but most others still think I’m crazy for saying I feel like I’m already carrying a watermelon!


Stealing Pictures …

May 28, 2008

Thanks to Ashley’s awesome cousin, Julie I have some pictures from Ashley’s wedding this weekend. I think this first one could be one of my most favorite of Ashley and Ian ever. If you know Ashley, you know this is her “Holy Cow I can’t contain my excitement” look.

Ashley’s childhood minister put it so perfectly when he said, “Many of us have been praying for you for a long time, Ian. We just didn’t know how tall you would be.” I think I blew a snot bubble that had been building up out of my nose at that point! It’s so true, though. Ian is the absolute perfect match for our Ashley. He couldn’t be more of a Christ-Centered leader, but he is goofy and never takes himself too seriously. Her excitement in that picture makes my heart so happy.

One of the first times Ian came to our house, he and Josh told stories about growing up making their own wrestling moves. Ian’s was apparently pretty impressive (they demonstrated on each other) and was called the Lion Tamer. After Ashley and Ian got engaged, I went to call Ashley, but couldn’t find her number. I thought I remembered it by heart, so I went ahead and dialed. Josh had changed her name in my phone to “LionTamer.” I laughed about that one for a while! Then we were dancing next to each other at their wedding, when all of a sudden I hear Ian whisper to Josh “LionTamer.” Our boys!

I went to the wedding an hour or so early to catch a sneak peek of the bride. I cried like a baby (although I think I hid it pretty well from her). She was so calm and collected. Not a care in the world. And they had the most perfect night. Thanks for letting us be a part! Congratulations, Mr. and Mrs. Driver!

Tables Have Turned … In a Good Way

May 25, 2008

This is Ashley and I on my wedding day, roughly 2.5 years ago:

She was one of about 7 girls that were in my small group for the year or so Josh and I were at our former church. Those girls changed my life, and continue to do so, forever. We had an instant bond. They had a rocky start with another leader, and I was scared to death, but we instantly bonded.

Ashley is one of the handful of people from the church who have stayed by our side over the last years. My relationship with those girls was so strong that they knew Josh and I are STILL THE SAME PEOPLE (another post entirely). We laughed through the things people used to say about us, which was good since I cried half of the time.

Today we switch roles. She is the bride! I remember how excited she was for me on my big day, and today my heart is overflowing with Joy for her. Josh and I started dating right around the time our small group did, and so they got to walk through every step with me. Ashley was gracious enough to let Josh and I in on her life enough to where we have watched her and Ian every step of the way. We couldn’t be more thankful for the man she will marry today!

Ashley will start nursing school in the fall, and Ian will teach and coach at a local Christian school. And hopefully Josh and I will be in Athens a lot visiting the Drivers!

Belly Week #17

May 20, 2008

And here we grow …

Belly Pic Coming Soon

May 19, 2008

I know we missed last week, and we really don’t even have a good excuse. And I’m due to put up a 17 week picture tonight, it’s just that’s not a good idea right now. We just got home from the Cheesecake Factory with our neighbors and I would look 17 weeks pregnant right now even if I weren’t. Which means I look 30 weeks pregnant. I guess that’s what a heap of pasta and bread, followed by Chocolate Rasperry Cheesecake will do to you.

Things are still going really well. We actually have our 16 week appointment tomorrow (we are one week behind due to scheduling issues). I can’t wait to hear Jacob’s heartbeat again. That’s my favorite part.

Josh’s parents found a brand new stroller at a consignment store near their house this weekend. I LOVE it in the pictures and can’t wait to see it in person. Apparently Jacob’s grandfather took it outside and scrubbed it down while his grandmother washed the fabric thoroughly for us, even though she said it looked like it had never been used. They may come visit this week and bring it to us.

I promise to be better about blogging. I know I’ve said that numerous times before, though.

Find your Kleenex before reading this …

May 14, 2008

I have been sitting here in a puddle for the last hour or so. I follow quite a few photographers blogs – for inspiration, knowledge, and general stalking. One of the most popular, Jessica Claire, never disappoints with amazing photos. If I’m being honest, I skip over a lot of the text on her blog and go straight for the good stuff, the pictures. I noticed today’s post had WAY more text that some, so I figured it was work curling up with Jack and taking a look.

Jessica started following a blog called CFHusband. It’s the journey of a man who’s wife has cystic fibrosis and just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. First, you MUST read a quick run through of the last few years/months of their lives. Then just take a general stroll through the blog. And I pretty much promise you will cry.

Here’s one of the pictures Jessica took:

It’s a BOY!

May 13, 2008

We went Friday to have a 3D ultrasound, along with gender determination. I know many of you will want to hit me after this next comment, but since I haven’t been sick or anything, it just didn’t feel real. It was WAY more real after the first ultrasound, and of course the exhaustion and growing waistline helped clue me in, but seeing him moving around in my belly was amazing. And we can call him by name, now!

Meet Jacob Dylan Brown!

A link to a gallery of pictures is here. A video of him moving all around in there is here. This was such a great experience.

Belly Week #15

May 5, 2008

We got too lazy to take this picture in our normal spot, but here’s my (finally growing) belly:

My lower abdomen is hard as a rock and I love it! It’s so nice to “feel” progress. We had a great weekend. Our neighbors recently purchased MarioKart for the Wii, and we have been over at their house every night this week. We also went for a “bike” ride with them to Five Guys today (us on the Vespa they on their motorcycle), where I had yet another hot dog. Mmmmmm. Then we sat around chatting all evening with the windows open. Josh and I both needed a full day off. It was wonderful.

So That’s What That Was …

May 4, 2008

I’m really not one to freak out about anything. I would consider myself a fairly even-keeled person, not too much works me up. Except of course cravings for hot dogs.

All that to say, I haven’t experienced nearly as much worrying as I hear some of my friends and others mention they experienced during pregnancy. Granted, I have been extremely blessed and had no real warning signs that anything bad could happen. I haven’t been sick, no bleeding, no abnormal cramping, etc. But I could still worry, and I do, just not a lot.

I had a really sharp pain the other night and it has happened a few times here and there. Josh and I were watching a movie and I went to change positions rather quickly, when there was this jab in my stomach. The pain was gone after a minute, so I didn’t freak out, but I read up today to find out what was going on.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Round Ligament Pain. At least I was okay not to freak out!

I also heard about it on A Pea in the Podcast, a weekly pregnancy podcast I listen to. I highly recommend it. I will say that many of the things the OB talks about on it are kind of off schedule with the way my doctor is doing things, but it is nice to listen to a doctor tell you what’s going on with your body week-by-week.