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The Red Jacket

March 31, 2008

First of all, let me say how sorry I am that I fell way behind. I had been good at keeping this updated more frequently, then the energy level officially went to ZERO. I wasn’t super tired at the beginning, but I swear the last week or so all I do is sleep. Or sit in the bed and work. Or try and pretend like I’m working.

And, another disclaimer, I realize that most of you reading this blog are laughing at me right now. Thinking, what does she have to be tired about? She works from home and has no morning sickness. I understand this sounds absurd. I don’t know how most of you did it.

Josh snapped these pictures of me when I returned from my Mary Kay conference this weekend:



He thought all of my ribbons were humorous. As did I. He also got a kick out of the banners and souvenirs I had in tow. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Mary Kay. I love that I have the ability to work from home. That I help women “figure out” their skin, and make it the best it can be. I love socializing with such a wide variety of people on a normal basis. I love that Mary Kay basically demands that your job not be your first priority, that your faith and family get that role.

But, I’m just not too much of an incentive-driven person. But I’m aware that many women are, and if you’re one of them, more power to you! I really think it would be easier if earning a ribbon on my name tag made me work harder. But it doesn’t. There were women who’s nametags were practically dragging the floor shouting their accomplishments. And that was a heck of a lot of hard work, and they are better women than I am.

The button with the large face on it is a picture of my National Sales Director, Connie Kittson. She is one of only 30-something women who have achieved this status in Mary Kay. And she’ll be a millionare the rest of her life. But she’s still an amazing woman.

Just thought all of you may also get a kick out of my “work uniform.”


Little Bit’s Big Brother, Jack

March 25, 2008

I realized as I was walking Jack this morning that I have yet to feature him on the blog. (By the way, the reason I realized is that I was listening to Carrie Underwood’s new song The More Boys I Meet The More I Like My Dog – very funny.)

Jack is definitely our “first born.” We had always kind of laughed at those people who obsessed over their dogs, although every single one of them told us to just wait until we had one. Wow. Did we, and do we still, obsess over our dog. He is completely spoiled rotten, and pretty much gets whatever he wants. Within reason.

I don’t think he realizes how his life is about to change. A friend gave us her basinet this weekend, which her son only slept in once or twice. I brought it in and left it on the outskirts of our living room. He has been sniffing it like crazy, but not messing with it at all. That gives me hope. At least he didn’t try to jump in it!

I have read all the tips, and we’re planning on doing some of them to introduce the baby to Jack. I would love to know, though, if anyone tried some things and if they worked. I know to bring a baby blanket home with it’s scent on it before we actually bring the baby home. And I have read to buy a cabbage patch doll or something home and carry it around. Any more tips?


We adopted Jack from the pound. He and his brothers and sisters were abandoned at a local water treatment facility. He was very sick when we first got him. At the risk of everyone stopping reading this after what I’m about to say, I have to say it anyway. I’m telling you, if I can do a sick puppy, I can do a baby. Seriously.

Jack had “upset tummy” CONSTANTLY for about 2 weeks. He didn’t sleep through the night for a few months. He had serious separation anxiety from his mother and siblings. He chewed on everything. The day I remember the most was when we thought we were finally in the “safe zone” and ventured to Tad and Kimberly’s for no more than 2 hours to watch LOST. We got home to a bathroom painted brown. After I cried uncontrollably for a few minutes, and Josh nicely encouraged me to help him clean this up because he wasn’t about to do it alone,  we pulled together and got everything back in working condition. Granted, we had to throw quite a few things, including some wicker furniture I loved.

Anyway, of course we didn’t finish cleaning until midnight or later. And Jack didn’t sleep one wink I don’t think. I got up at that time at 5 am to make it to work by 6:30. I got dressed in a drunken daze, only to figure out around 9:00 that I had dog poopie all down my pants leg. Needless to say, I lost it, went in my boss’ office and begged him to let me go home and change clothes. He suggested I just go home for the day.

That long story was to tell you that I really do feel like if I survived the first few months of Jack, I can certainly survive the first few months of Little Bit. I’m not saying it will always be pretty. I will probably have spit up and human poopie running down my pants leg, but it really can’t be much worse. At least that’s what I’m telling myself.

Pregnancy Resource

March 24, 2008

This has been one of my favorite sites to visit. is awesome! My favorite section of it, though, is this slideshow. I found it the night I found out I was pregnant, and immediately announced to our families when we told them, “We have a poppy seed!” The baby is the size of a grape right now, quickly approaching a kumquat!


Care Package #2

March 22, 2008

This came in the mail last week or so, and we were so excited! Our wonderful friends Mike and Jill sent this care package:


They have a one-year-old daughter, Hadley, who is the apple of their eye. Having Jill to call and ask questions has been priceless. She made me feel particularly better a few weeks ago when I didn’t “feel” pregnant any more, and told me she had the same feelings. She has been such a wonderful sounding board.

They are so great at sending us new pictures of Hadley, which we promptly frame! We are hoping to visit them in Wisconsin before Little Bit is born, and hopefully they will be able to visit us again in Atlanta after Little Bit is born.

Jill also makes handmade cards that are incredible. This one, I have to admit, was my favorite so far!


Those things people say …

March 20, 2008

I certainly do not mean to call any person out here. It’s 99.999% likely that if you’re reading this blog, you’re not one of the people I’m about to mention. I just want to have a “record” of those crazy things people decide to tell/ask you when they find out you are pregnant. Right now the only way people know there’s a human being growing inside me is if I tell them, so I know that I’m going to get so much stinking unsolicited advice when I actually have a belly. I’m going to list a few comments/questions I’ve already gotten, but I’d love to hear some things that others of you have dealt with:

Random Acquaintance (RA): “How many weeks are you?”

Me: (trying to be gentle and cautious) “Oh, I’m only 8 weeks, it’s still very early.”

RA:  “Oh, so you’re not out of the danger zone yet.” (Somewhat grimacing.)

Me: “Yea, you’re right.” (Meanwhile thinking: Are you freaking kidding me! Do you not think I’m aware of the fact, every second, that I’m still existing in the danger zone.)

Another Random Acquaintance (ARA): “How in the world did you tell people so early?! We couldn’t bring ourselves to tell until the second trimester.”

Me: “Yea, we were just so excited. We just wanted to shout it from the roof tops.”

BTW, the real answer to this is: this was not our plan. It just happened this way. We really were just overcome with emotion. Everything happened so quickly. We went from peeing on a stick to 7 hours away from home quickly. Then it was a domino effect. People who maybe shouldn’t have known so early did, and people who definitely should have known first didn’t. So we just decided to come out here with it. And God forbid if something happens, we have a HUGE network of support. I just can’t stand being judged for being “that girl” who peed on a stick and immediately started telling people we were pregnant. That’s just how we live our life. We plan, but we don’t always stick to it.

Random Acquaintance #3: “Was this planned?”

Me: “Oh yes. Very much so.”

What kind of a question is that? I mean, trust me, this was very much planned. But even if it wasn’t, would I just come out and tell you that. Hi, I’m Anna, and I didn’t really want this baby.

I bring all of this up because I know I’ve been the one asking these questions in the past. Things are just much clearer on this side of things. So take this as my official apology if I have ever asked any of you questions like this. Please know that I didn’t know any better.

Okay, it feels real now …

March 17, 2008

We had our first doctor’s appointment today. It was somewhat uneventful. I had braced myself for a lot more than it was. We go back in one month and that’s when the real fun begins. That’s when we talk money, etc. They told us to expect to be there at least 2 hours. We are so excited to share the first pictures of our “Little Bit.” And our official due date is now October 26!





One last beach picture …

March 14, 2008

*Josh wants me to add a disclaimer … no comments about his chest hair!*

I think this is the last beach picture I will share from our trip last week. This was when Josh jumped in the heated pool one time, only to learn that the water was just warm enough to keep whatever was submerged warm, just not anything exposed to air. He quickly retreated to the hot tub.


I am so glad I married a big kid. I can’t wait to see all of the things Josh will teach Little Bit. Or maybe I can. It will be like having two children. But there will never be a shortage of laughs. This is true.

Care Package

March 13, 2008

This is the care package that Amy (my “sister-in-law”) brought with her this weekend when they visited us in Destin. The Felsmans (her family) are some of the most thoughtful people you will ever know. They came and stayed with us for a few days last summer and we laughed a whole lot! This little gift was a life saver. I immediately opened the Andes mints, and have the grape juice packed away for the next time I’m the only one without an adult beverage. And Josh is saving the cigars for a special time. Thanks, Felsmans!


Aunt Kristen and Uncle Craig

March 10, 2008

Meet Little Bit’s Aunt Kristen and Uncle Craig.


Anna and Kristen have known each other since middle school (when Anna was a super-cool cheerleader and Kristen was a tough-as-nails basketball player – “Sink it Crash, Sink it!”). We became friends our senior year of high school. I remember being in Spanish class and somehow discovering I had syrup in my hair from that morning’s breakfast. Our teacher spent a good amount of time trying to detangle the mess. That was the beginning.

Then, our senior spring break was when it “all began.” Kristen was spring-breaking with some other friends in Destin, Florida. I was in Panama City, Florida. I’ll spare most of the details, but Kristen called crying and we jumped in the car to rescue her from the HoJo, and she spent the rest of the week with us. We have been inseparable ever since.

We wanted to go to the same college. We visited Georgia State together, and I think you could see the fear in my eyes from a mile away. Kristen was in her element, though. She finished out school there, while I went to UGA. We never skipped a beat, though. Kristen has been the one constant in my life since high school. She’s been the one that’s always there.

She was there for my first real heart break. For so many fun times. For lots of vacations, adventures, and things you can only get in to with your best friend. She was my maid of honor.

The first time I met Craig I knew he was going to fit perfectly into our little family. I don’t think Craig has ever met a stranger. He can find the tiniest thing in common with any person he encounters. Kristen calls him the social butterfly of their neighborhood, bringing together everyone. He has one of the biggest hearts I have ever known. He served our country for 2 tours of duty in Iraq, and it was so humbling to have a “face” to put on the war.

They started dating just a few short weeks before Craig was deployed for the second time. I have never seen Kristen stronger. I think she would even say that she just found strength to make it through that she didn’t even really know she had. They were engaged when he came home on leave, and married shortly after he arrived home. They will have been married for two years next month, and being newleyweds together has been so much fun.

Kristen is now back in school working on her second degree. I love the determination she has to find her “niche.” Craig now customizes automobiles – putting in leather, sunroofs, etc. He has a work ethic like you’ve never seen.

Little Bit is so fortunate to have an Aunt and Uncle who are going to love (and spoil) him/her as much as Aunt Kristen and Uncle Craig.

Workout for the Day

March 7, 2008

Yesterday, Josh and I went for a short stroll on the beach. It was wonderful. I’ve been having to sit out of our traditional morning hot tub soaks. We both really love starting the day that way when we have the opportunity, but being pregnant has me scared away from the hot tub. Because I have such a rock star for a husband, he got out of his morning soak, and came to get me for a walk on the beach instead.

Then, for some more exercise, we threw the football with Kristen and Craig. Excuse my form. I really think this was the first time I had even attempted to throw a football. You should have seen me flinch when it was coming towards me. One day I’ll be tough. One day.


Later on, I joined Josh for a soak. But I just soaked my feet!


And I should also comment the the pedicure was thanks to Mom! My first in almost a year.