I’m Baaaacccckkkkk

May 25, 2009

Okay, I’m going to attempt to be back. I have decided I spend far too much time on other sites and I miss having these little records of my day. Dylan is growing and changing so quickly, and other than my facebook statuses I have ne record of the silly things we do. So, here goes …

Dylan is a great eater so far. Our first experiment with rice cereal almost sent me over the edge. It was running everywhere, more of it was on the floor than on Dylan. I was so frustrated I added 2-3 times the amount of cereal than was recommended. And our problems were solved. He likes his food thick. So far, his food library includes avacados, bananas, oatmeal, peas, green beans, squash, plums, pears and brown rice, and apple juice. This morning we tried green beans for the first time:


They were a huge hit. Last night I was in a crunch and just cut up tiny pieces of squash and he loved that, too.

We are spending this much needed Memorial Day holiday relaxing and watching cartoons:


I know, I’m mother of the year. You can all point at me and laugh if he actually has ADD one of these days.


Time Really Does Get Away From You, Huh?

November 28, 2008

Well, this post is LONG overdue, to say the least. I have thought of writing it so many times, but chosen to take a quick cat nap or try and squeeze in a few household chores instead. It really is amazing how quickly laundry can pile up on you and dog hair can collect in the craziest places.

We are all doing great these days. Dylan is ONE MONTH old today. Seriously!? He is gaining weight like a little champ. The theme seems to be, “He’s going to be a big boy!” At our one-month check-up the other day he weighed 10 lb. 13.5 oz, a big jump from his 7 lb. 12 oz. birth weight. He’s long, too, with super-long fingers and toes and ginormous feet. He’s wearing mostly 3-6 month clothes already! So far, though, there was only one outfit I didn’t get him in to before he outgrew it.

I am feeling at least mostly back to my old self. I was feeling GREAT after delivery, but have gone through my share of post-pregnancy struggles. I hate complaining, they just hit me from out of nowhere, and apparently I skipped over those parts of the pregnancy books. I wasn’t prepared at all for what my body went through. I had bathroom issues, baby blues, and mastitis – all of course while existing on lack of sleep. I know every other mother in the world went through those and worse, but expectant moms be prepared! It’s already all over, though, and I am already forgetting how horrible I thought it was.

Josh continues to LOVE his job, even in this crazy holiday season. He is napping on the sofa next to me after going in at 4:00 this morning for Black Friday. He is the best dad Dylan could ever ask for, as well as the most amazing helper I could have imagined. I am so grateful for a husband who pitches in so much. Dylan is absolutely captivated by him and flashes huge smiles every time he’s around. And I’m not AT ALL bitter about that. 🙂

I will post pictures soon. Someday.

Dylan is Here!

October 29, 2008

I am going to attempt to recount a little of yesterday’s events, since  several of our visitors told me I will never remember everything! I may get in to some details, but I’ll try and keep it clean. I just wanted every pregnant woman out there to have a GOOD labor story to hold on to, amidst all of the horror stories people love to tell you for some reason.

I have to give credit to my friend Kimberly who always assured me that what happened to me yesterday is indeed possible! I know sometimes things are uncontrollable, but a (somewhat) drama-free delivery is possible!

I went to the doctor on Monday morning, one day past my due date. I knew we would be scheduling my induction, I just didn’t realize it would be THAT night! My favorite midwife was on call, and I had been pleading my case for her to deliver my baby for 9 months. She would not be on call for another week and a half or so, so she wanted to deliver the baby yesterday!

We were told we might be called as early as 4:00 p.m., but didn’t receive the call to head to the hospital until 12:30 a.m. I told Josh I felt contractions suddenly when we got in the car. Little did we know, I was going in to labor on my own. We didn’t get a room until 3:00 a.m.! They neglected to give me one of the medicines since it appeared things were happening on their own. I requested a shot for my pain, which I gladly accepted in my hip, and Josh and I slept for a few hours.

Around 6:30, Josh’s parents arrived and my shot began wearing off a bit. Josh’s mom helped me breathe through some of my contractions. I then received some medicine through my I.V. that didn’t make the contractions hurt less, although it did make me care MUCH less about how much they were hurting. My parents then arrived when I was in my delirious state. I felt so bad they didn’t get to see me when I was gossiping with my nurse about her cheating boyfriend and 12-day Hawaiian cruise. Not long after they arrived, I asked for my epidural.

Although I felt like it may have been a little early, I remembered some great advice I received – “Don’t try and be a hero.” The epidural was nothing! The pain shot I had received earlier hurt worse. After telling the anesthesiologist how much I loved him, all of the pain went away! They then upped my pitocin (to strengthen contractions) since I didn’t feel anything, and I went from 2 cm dialated to 7 in just a couple of hours. I literally slept through 3 cm – 10 cm. They woke me and told me it was time to push.

Ladies, all I can say is push like you mean it. Remember, they cut off your epidural if you’re not pushing hard enough. I couldn’t even feel my contractions, so my nurse and midwife would tell me when I was having one and that it was time to push. I literally pushed 3 times, and Dylan was in this world! The lights were off in the room, my midwife didn’t even have her gown on. They hadn’t called the pediatrician, it was chaos for a few minutes. No one expected him to come so quickly. I will never forget the look on my midwife and nurse’s face when his head came out. They were SHOCKED! I can remember asking, “was that his head!?”

So, it was all a quick and relatively painless process. The repairs/attention to me after the birth took 3 times longer than the actual birth!

Dylan is perfect. He’s on his way back from the nursery as we speak (something else I recommend since I just got about 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep).

More pictures to come …

Dylan Cash Brown

7 lbs. 12 oz.

21 inches long

So In Love …

October 19, 2008

This pregnancy has really increased the bond I feel with Josh. People told me to expect this, but it’s crazy the connection I feel with him right now. I just want to be touching him all the time.

We celebrated our 3-year anniversary on Wednesday with a great dinner at Bonefish Grill, cheesy chick flicks, and plans for a vacation as soon as Dylan is able to be bottle-fed. (Try to hold in your excitement, Mom.)

This seems like just yesterday …

We can’t wait to bring Dylan in to our family!

If Laughter Caused Labor …

October 18, 2008

Seriously, if laughter caused labor I would have gone in to it by now. When I saw this video, I was in that “ugly” laugh where I couldn’t catch my breath and was wheezing. Where I was crying so much it looked like I had splashed my face with water. It reminded me of so many times we used to sit with my grandmother and get tickled about the silliest things and she would just laugh uncontrollably.

All that to say, you may not find this nearly as funny, but I have to share it. Periodically Josh’s managers at work pull security camera footage for the store and catch employees in all kinds of ridiculous acts. Just since Josh has been there I know there’s been piggy back races, someone busting their behind, all kinds of shenanigans. His manager e-mailed him this earlier in the week:

They are going to have blackmail on him for a while now. Apparently there is a guy who’s a great dancer who was trying to teach Josh some moves. Think it worked?

Karaoke Friday Nights

October 18, 2008

We have been going to a local Mexican restaurant with some of Josh’s coworkers for a few months now. Not every week, but as many as we can. I got this picture with my phone last night and think it’s the best yet. These fools move around so much it’s hard to get a decent shot.

This is Uncle Tommy, Alan, Keith, TJ, and Uncle Stephen with Josh. Dylan always dances when they sing.

Pregnancy Moment with my Hubby

October 14, 2008

Last night was one of those moments I never want to forget. I think it was the first time I have heartily chuckled in the last few days. Leave it to my husband! Here was our conversation:

Anna is standing in the bathroom, pretty much unclothed, rubbing her shiny belly that is stretched beyond recognition, moaning. Josh, seeing this, tries to say something clever to make me feel better.

Anna: “Uhhhhhh……”

Josh: “That belly button is out there, isn’t it!”

A: “Uh Huh .. Uhhhhhhh …”

J: “You better take advantage of that in the shower. You know how extensively you could clean that thing? What I wouldn’t give for a stab at mine. A clean slate in the belly button department is something you shouldn’t take lightly.”

A: “Thanks for helping me see the positive side of things, honey.”

Yummy Sandwiches!

October 10, 2008

I don’t have much to share other than a recipe tonight. We had some amazing fish tonight and I just feel like I have to pass it along. I got fresh tilapia filets from Whole Foods and french hamburger buns from the Publix bakery. We also had homemade chips to compliment them that were to die for. I have already forgotten that we almost burned the house down when the oil got too hot. These sandwiches made that all go away …

Paula Deen’s Blackened Tilapia Sandwich

  • 1/4 cup sweet paprika
  • 2 tablespoons ground thyme
  • 2 teaspoons onion powder (FYI, we don’t like onion so I didn’t use it.)
  • 1 teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground red pepper
  • 1/2 cup (1 stick) butter, melted
  • 4 (10-ounce) tilapia fillets
  • 4 Kaiser buns, split, buttered and toasted (Again, I used french. They were crispy and delicious.


In a shallow dish, combine first 6 ingredients.

Pour melted butter into another shallow dish. Dip fish fillets in melted butter and coat with seasoning mixture.

Heat a cast iron skillet over medium-high heat until hot. Cook prepared fish, in batches if necessary, 3 to 4 minutes per side, or until fish flakes easily with a fork.

I then made some cilantro lime mustard that we slathered on our toasted buns. French hamburger buns, that is.

Cilantro Lime Mustard

  • 1 cup stone ground mustard
  • 1/3 cup fresh squeezed lime juice
  • 2 tablespoons cilantro, finely chopped
  • 1 teaspoon ground cumin


Place all ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix together completely. Chill for 1 to 2 hours before serving.

Our first born

October 4, 2008

This morning I came out of the bathroom after taking a shower to find Jack had taken my spot. I love our dog.

Really Awful Belly Picture

October 2, 2008

Josh was really exhausted when I made him get out of the bed to take this picture this weekend, and, frankly, I was to miserable to even check the quality. I don’t guess this is the best angle or lighting, but here’s the belly in all it’s glory at 36 weeks …